Mariana Cordoba in panties.

Mariana Cordoba in panties. I honestly have no idea why she ever tried. Her cock is way to big for a simple pair of sexy panties. Take a look at the sample images below and you will see for yourself. Her cock just hangs and its beautiful. But that cock is way to fat and way to long to get stuffed into any panties. Just imagine how that would feel.


At the same time can you imagine how it would feel to be the guy that gets to help Mariana Cordoba unleash her cock from those panties? Feeling it slide out of the cotton to the side or as you pull her panties down. Then taking that love shaft in your hand and feeling it start to thicken and stiffen at the same time. Growing harder until its trying to pull its self into an erect and standing position! What would you do? Suck it? Stroke it or do you want to fuck it?? Click the banner to decide.

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