Sensual Curves

Who does not like the sensual curves of a woman’s body. No they do not have to be the perfect curves of tits, hips, thighs and ass. Just the curves in the right places! What places are the right ones? How about the soft and gentle curve of the woman’s neck. The way it slopes down from her ear to her shoulder.

Lets examine the sensual curves under the breast of the lady. Does she have big tits or small? Either way, big or small has a curve that you must pay attention to. Run your fingers over her boobs. Down from the top. Stop and caress her nipples. Make sure if she has bigger tits to run your finger or tongue down under the curve. Kiss and lick her tummy as you work your way to the best curve of all.

You can clearly see where her pussy curves under her hip going back and down to meet up with her amazing ass on the opposite side. This is the place where you pay the most attention. Start out by tracing your hand down between her legs. Pause as your fingers cross her pussy. Then using the other hand from between her legs trace up and between her ass cheeks. Be gentle and soft. The do it again with your lips and tongue.
Sensual curves

You already know that you need to see more of these curves so go ahead and click the image right now.

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