Soft trans curves

What kind of trans girl do you like to have. Soft trans curves or a hard body with lots of muscle? For me I go the way of enjoying both. However I think that I lean towards the soft trans curves more than anything. And one of the girls that I like in particular is in the hot photo below. And yes if you guessed that is Vitress Tamayo you would be 100% correct.

Now as you can see Vitress has the soft trans curves I was talking about. She is just a bit chubby in the tummy but still has firm legs and arms and her tits look amazing. She also has a nice juicy ass but that is another post and another photo. Right now we are concentrating on these curves in front of us.

Vitress is very feminine and she loves to look as sexy as possible. She also enjoys going out in very sexy dresses and skirts. Of course being the busty beauty that she is she usually shows plenty of cleavage. And she gets a lot of attention because of it.

I guess another thing is that her body looks more lady like because she does not have a huge cock. The cock hidden under those panties is a little small but thick and gets very hard. And its something else you need to see. So click on the image below and check out more of this beautiful girl naked.

Soft trans curves

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