Tania’s ass

Want a piece of Tania’s ass? If you do, you will really need to get this girl hot. Tania for the most part is a top. But if you know what to do to get her hot enough she will bend over and let you work that love hole of hers with your stiff pole. 🙂 Ok enough euphemisms! She will let you fuck her ass hole with your hard cock if you get her hot. So keep reading here to find out a few of the ways.

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Ok for those of you who chose to read. Keep going from here down. The number one way to get Tania hot is to treat her like a lady. Take her to dinner. Open the door for her and make sure to keep a hand on her at all times. Then once you are in private its time to get that heat turned up. And you can start that by kissing her neck and ears. Be gentle and soft and take your time. Make sure to place your hand near her cock but dont go digging for it just yet.

As you work your way down kissing make sure to undress her slowly until you finally get to her panties and bra. By now you will see that her cock is hard and aching to be released. So release it and suck it right into your mouth.

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Tania's ass

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