Thong panties and bra

Thong panties and bra!

What sort of lingerie do you like to see a hot trans girl wearing? For most of us, a set of thing panties and bra is good. And I guess that in a lot of ways it depends on the girls body and what she over all has to offer. Thong panties and bra on the right body are a real turn on. For instance the photos below of Mariana Cordoba. We know that she has big tits and that the bra looks amazing trying to hold them in. We also know that she has a massive cock. How the thong panties and contain that is beyond all laws of physics but it sure as hell looks sexy.

Thong panties and braThong pantiesBra

To see more of this hot set of Mariana Cordoba in thong panties and bra, simply click on a text link or the banner below.

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