Vitress Tamayos big ass

It goes without saying that a girl with a big ass should also have big tits. So I wanted to bring your attention to Vitress Tamayos big ass. And now that you are looking at it, I have two yesses for you. Is that even a word? Yesses??? Guess not but we will use it anyway. The first yes is that she does also have big tits. If that is you have been able to get your eyes off her big ass. The second yes, is that Vitress is Trans. That means that she has all the parts we want and an extra. Anyway lets get back to Vitress Tamayos big ass.

That as is not only big but its beautiful. She does not have one of those implant asses or the kind that sticks way out and makes her legs look silly. She has that perfect kind of ass that every trans girl should have. Oh an another thing about her, other than her big tits. Is that Vitress Loves to wear high heels to better show off the shape of her ass and her tits. We, well I personally find that super hot.

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Vitress Tamayos big ass

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