Petite Hardcock Trans

Lots of the trans girls out there are hot. But I not only look for hot trans girls for you. I look for the girls that want to get you hot and fuck you. Kind of like this Petite hardcoco trans Tiara. She is one of those girls that can never get enough of fucking. She loves it and always wants more. Lets talk about this photo and video day.

She was wearing this little dress when she arrived and I noted that she did not have on her typical panties. When asked she said that with this dress her cock was still hidden and it was no problem. So I got one of the guys to start teasing her a little. Brushing by her ass. Leaning over and brushing her tits with his arm. We noticed that her nipples first got hard and then her cock. So we started to record her.

Petite Hardcock trans

This petite hardcock trans was so hot that her cock was throbbing under her dress and she was not able to hold her load. She shot a nice on for the video. As soon as she was cleaned up she looked around and said. ” Now I want to fuck “. We all laughed.

Click on the image above or one of the text links to see more. This Petite Hardcock trans is read for some action.

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