Trans girl ass.

Looking for some hot trans girl ass? Of course you are. We all are. So today I got a hot photo of Vitress Tamayo showing off her trans girl ass. And I must admit that this is one nice looking ass. Now I will admit that this ass looks even better because of a couple of things. Number one she is standing facing away from the camera and she is also slightly leaned forward. This makes her ass pop out. And number two that makes her ass look great is the high heels she has on.

But then lets also note that with her long hair cascading down her back. Well you just happen to have something to hold onto and pull. And in my opinion that makes her ass look even better. In fact this trans girl ass is fuckable and ready for action. Oh, did you note that you can also see her cock and balls there? Yep. Super hot!

Trans girl ass

Click the image above right now to check out more of this amazing photo set. Also enjoy the movie in her members area. Vitress is hot and ready for some fun as always.

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